2018 Certification Study Webinars

2018 Certification Study Webinars


Whether you are planning on taking any of the AAHAM Certification examinations, preparing for the future, or need the education to do your job better, you want to sign up for this FREE webinar program. Statistically, those who’ve participated in our webinars have a higher pass rate than those who did not.

The CRCE, CRCP, and CRIP webinars will be 4-6 sessions covering each section of the exam.

The CRCS and CCT will be individual session webinars covering the entire exam. We will be offering the CRCS session twice this year.

These 90 minute FREE study sessions require a computer, high speed Internet, PowerPoint and a telephone line. The webinar includes a 60 minute presentation, a 30 minute Q&A period, and handout provided via email.

Registrations must be received the WEEK before each session

Earn 3 AAHAM CEUs for EACH study session attended

The full webinar schedule can be found on the online and downloadable registration forms.

Registration Form and Details
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